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Hreflang SEO

Implementing the Hreflang Tag & Geo-Targeting Recommendations

This article aims to outline the ideal steps to ensure that each of the country/language specific websites are correctly geo-targeted without causing any major disruptions for Googlebot. A correct implementation is imperative to ensure that users are correctly redirected to their specific website without impacting the way the website is indexed. Additionally, this will ensure

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writting a succesful blog post

Structuring & Optimising a Successful Blog Post

Blogging has become an integral part of business and it’s not only a great to promote yourself as an expert in your field but a way to showcase your experience, news, reviews or products by providing authoritative, informative and consistent content that will engage with a large audience who share the same passion and interests

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SEO & Digital Marketing Glossary by search and engage

A Complete SEO Glossary & Jargon

301 Redirect A Permanent File Redirect (301 Redirect) is used to permanently designate that a file has moved to a new location. Most search engines prefer this method over other redirection types. If you plan on moving part of a site, or an entire site to a new location, a 301 redirect should be used.

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